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Required documentation 2017: First step

1. National ID document, passport or ID card

Scanned copy of national ID document, passport or ID card.


2. Doctorate qualification

Scanned copy of doctorate qualification. If the doctorate qualification being submitted was issued by a university in a state that does not belong to the European Higher Education Area, it must be officially recognised. If accreditation of the official recognition exists, it must be attached in the form of a scanned copy; if not, official recognition may be applied for once the candidate has been selected. 


3. Accreditation

In order to be able to participate in the call for a fellowship contract at a Catalan public university, current legislation requires accreditation of research, advanced research or a favourable report from the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya), depending on the type of contract:

  1. For tenure-track lecturer contracts, a favourable report on the lecturer in question must be provided: Information from AQU Catalunya for tenure-track lecturers.
  2. For associate professor contracts, research accreditation must be provided: Research accreditation.
  3. For full professor contracts, advanced research accreditation must be provided: Advanced research accreditation.


Therefore, should the candidate have accredited research or advanced research experience or a favourable report from the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya), a scanned copy of said documentation must be attached. If accreditation from a different agency for university quality is held, it may also be attached.

If accreditation is not held, there are two options:

  • Requesting it directly from the AQU Catalunya website within the established deadline.
  • Authorising the SHP to send your personal details to AQU Catalunya. In this case, the Serra Húnter Programme will process your application. To choose this option, the attached authorisation form must be filled out: Authorisation to transfer personal details for accreditation process. Candidates requesting a favourable report as tenure-track lecturers and who have teaching experience should submit a certificate accrediting this to AQU Catalunya.

4. Curriculum vitae

Full curriculum vitae, in free format.

If AQU Catalunya accreditation is not held, we recommend following the AQU Catalunya CV model.

AQU Catalunya CV model:

  1. For a favourable report as a tenure-track lecturer: AQU Catalunya model
  2. For research or advanced research accreditation: AQU Catalunya model
Updated date: 04.05.2017