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Required documentation 2017: Second phase

1. Most significant academic contributions

4. Most significant academic contributions

A document specifying the five most significant academic contributions made by the candidate (articles, book, patents, etc.).

Binding document in the second phase of the selection process. 


2.Teaching career


A brief description of the candidate's teaching career (no more than one page), in line withs this model.

Binding document in the second phase of the selection process.


3.Teaching and research interests

A concise declaration of the teaching and research interests of the candidate for the next five years in relation to the area for which the contract is being offered (no more than 6 pages), in line with this model.


4.Information on the official recognition of the doctorate qualification

In order to be offered a contract with a Catalan public university in any of the doctoral fellowship categories, current legislation stipulates that doctorate qualifications issued by a university in a state that does not belong to the European Higher Education Area must be officially recognised. 

Updated date: 13.02.2017