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Specific criteria to be met by the members of the assessment committees

Designated members should be currently active in their field, and those currently engaged by a Spanish university must meet the following criteria:

  • Proven teaching experience of an accredited period equivalent to 2 or more teaching periods comparable to Catalan teaching periods, backed by positive results in student surveys, when available. The last of such periods must still be active. Those members who, given their youth or other justifiable reason, cannot provide accreditation for 2 Catalan assessment periods of teaching activity must have all possible accredited periods.
  • Experience in directing research projects with competitive funding and supervising doctoral theses, having supervised an average of at least one per assessed research period.
  • For contracts for associate professor or lectures, committee members must be, at least, associate professors or tenured university professors (or the equivalent, in the case of foreign professors), while for full professors contracts all members must be contracted full professors or full university professors (or the equivalent, in the case of foreign professors). 


In the case of those candidates to the assessment committees who have academic experience outside the Spanish university system, assessment will be based on merits equivalent to those described above. 


In order to guarantee the objectives of the SHP—which aims to foster the contracting of highly qualified teaching and research staff with merits in line with international standards—committee members must be proficient in English. 


Given the specific characteristics of the knowledge area or professional experience of the proposed committee member, he or she may be exempted from meeting one or another of these requirements, provided that reasoned proof is provided of meeting other equivalent criteria that guarantee their suitability for membership on the selection committee.