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Selection process

The candidate selection process will be developed in two steps. The first consists of an international announcement that the universities will be offering positions. The announcement will specify the professional category of the post to be filled, along with a deadline by which aspirants should make their applications. Aspirants will be informed of the qualifications required to be eligible to apply for these posts.

The second step, consisting of the selection process for the posts offered, will open with the formal call for applications. The selection process will be in two phases. The first phase will consist of an analysis and assessment of the specific merits of each aspirant, and will not require the presence of candidates, unless stated explicitly in the call for applications, and will serve as a qualifying round, while the second phase will comprise a test which will require the presence of candidates to assess their suitability for the positions offered.

Candidates will be assessed according to international evaluation criteria applied to high-level academic activity, and to professional experience, with emphasis on the significance and impact of scientific and technical publications and the competitive research projects attained; teaching quality and recognition; knowledge transfer activities, intellectual property rights and registered patents; leadership capacity; international mobility and visibility and other outstanding academic and professional achievements.

In accordance with these criteria, the assessment committees will draw up a list of candidates who have passed the elimination phase and may take part in the test of the selection phase. For the test, which will be public and last a maximum of an hour and a half, candidates will be required to introduce themselves briefly and give a seminar on an appropriate subject. The committee will then ask questions any questions it deems necessary regarding both details of the candidate’s CV and the seminar given, or on any other aspect relating to the post offered and the activity to be developed. Given the characteristics of the Serra Húnter Programme, the test may be carried out in English.

Following the test of the selection phase, the committee will issue a short list of candidates who have passed the test and an offer of employment, which will be published on the SHP website and those of the universities calling for applications.

Updated date: 27.02.2013