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Selection process

The candidate selection process will have two steps. A first step that is an international call where the contracts offered are announced and a second step which corresponds to the selection process.


First Step - International Call


The first step corresponds to the international announcement of the categories and profiles of the contracts offered by the universities. This first period offers the candidates the chance to collect all the documentation required to take part in the selection process, especially the required accreditation.

In this step, the Serra Húnter Programme will transfer all information to the external agency AQU Catalunya, responsible for the assessment, accreditation and certification of quality in the public Catalan universities. AQU Catalunya will evaluate the candidate’s CV based on research and teaching merits following objective criteria (for more information please check the information for lecturers or the information for associate professors).

Candidates that obtain a favourable report (for lecturers) or research accreditation (for associate professors) from AQU Catalunya will successfully pass the first step.


Second Step - Selection Process


The second step will open with the formal publication of the call in the Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia (DOGC) by the university offering the position. This process will have two phases. The first phase will consist of an analysis and assessment of the specific merits of each candidate and will be eliminatory. The second phase will consist of an interview to assess the suitability of the candidate for the position offered.

The interview will be public and last a maximum of an hour and a half. Candidates will be required to introduce themselves briefly and give a seminar on an appropriate subject. The committee will then ask any questions it deems necessary regarding both the details of the candidate’s CV and the seminar given, or any other aspect relating to the post offered and the activity to be developed. Candidates are encouraged to check the composition of the selection committee.

Candidates will be assessed according to international evaluation criteria applied to high-level academic activity, and to professional experience, with emphasis on the significance and impact of scientific and technical publications and the competitive research projects attained; teaching quality and recognition; knowledge transfer activities, intellectual property rights and registered patents; leadership capacity; international mobility and visibility; and other outstanding academic and professional achievements.


Update:  19.07.2017