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Hiring requirements


Successful candidates will have to submit documentary proof that they fulfil the requirements for employment within  the period of time specified by the recruiting university. Once their credentials have been verified, the rector of the hiring university will make a firm job offer, in accordance with the selection committee’s proposal and current regulations. 

The successful candidates will sign contracts with the corresponding universities once the resolution regarding the offer of posts is published on the university and Serra Húnter Programme websites, within a maximum of 6 months as of the day following the offer of employment contracts, which may be extended by mutual agreement.

The contract to be signed will contain the following additional clauses, to be met by the staff as part of the Serra Húnter Programme:

  1. The person hired will be assessed specifically on their academic merits, in the terms established by the SHP.
  2. The person hired will have to provide yearly a summary of the most relevant points of his or her CV, consisting of a maximum of two pages, and authorise its publication on the SHP website.
  3. He or she must sign all academic and scientific works as ‘Serra Húnter fellow’, ‘professor Serra Húnter’ or ‘profesor Serra Húnter’, as appropriate.