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Requirements to be Serra Húnter Fellow


Requirements to participate in stage one:

  • Candidates may be of any nationality.
  • Candidates must hold a doctoral qualification at the time of the deadline for receiving applications.
  • For associate professor and full professor offers, the applicant must have obtained his/her doctorate at least three years before the deadline of the call for applications. 


Requirements to participate in stage two:

  • Accreditation: candidates must be in possession of the external accreditation specified in the Law governing Catalan Universities to (see further information below).
  • Disassociation with the university: for contracts as associate professor and full professor, the applicant must have obtained his/her doctorate at a university other than the university calling for applications, or have had no connection with the university for at least two years (click here for more information).


Information on accreditation


To pass the first stage of the selection process and be hired as a professor at a Catalan public university as part of the Serra Húnter Programme, candidates must have accreditation issued by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya). Depending on the type of contract, you must present:


During the first stage of the process, the Serra Húnter Programme will consult with AQU Catalunya regarding whether you have the corresponding accreditation for the contract you are interested in (or you can also attach it to your application). If you have accreditation, you will automatically pass stage one.


If you do not have this accreditation, the Serra Húnter Programme (SHP) will process your application for AQU Catalunya assessment during stage one. In this case, you should authorise the SHP to send your personal details to AQU Catalunya (the application contains an option authorising the SHP to carry out this process). Your assessment result will determine whether or not you pass stage one of the process.


For further information on the requirements for obtaining accreditation go to the AQU Catalunya website and see the sections on lecturer, associate professor and full professor requirements. In the case of accreditation for full professors and associate professors, AQU Catalunya requires proof of three years of accredited research experience to qualify for assessment.


Candidates may also take part in stage two of the selection process if they provide ANECA accreditation as an assistant professor for tenure-eligible lecturer contracts and as an associate professor for associate professor contracts. However, if you are the winning candidate and are contracted but only have ANECA accreditation, the SHP will not be able to fund half the cost of your university contract.